Humanistic Culture and Employee Care

時間: 2017-07-28 14:28:16
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In summer, the bacterial reproduction is much quicker, which may cause various diseases and do harm to people's health. Especially, the flu aroused by respiratory tract infectious diseases are prevalent. Sometimes even all the family members would be infected. What's worse, these flu have long treatment period and cause great pains to the patients, which seriously influences people's everyday work and live.

The corporate culture of Xiamen Node is based on the people-oriented principle and it puts emphasis on the implementation of humanistic culture. The leaders of Xiamen Node care much about the physical and mental health of all staff and have arranged the administrative department to purchase various medicines to prevent and treat the common cold like flu and sunstroke. Besides, the administrative department has been preparing various herbal tea like chrysanthemum tea to relieve summer heat and the staff can drink the tea at any time. With the hope that all the staff can pay attention to their health and prevent disease, leaders of each department will arrange the timetable of the staff reasonably and remind the staff to spend more time doing exercises at the sports courts which the company has reserved for them. The staff should also eat healthily and enhance their own body immunity. They should alternate work with rest and carry out their work with healthy body and positive spirit.



The continuous development and growth of Xiamen Node depends on the hardworking and wisdom of all the staff. The leaders of Xiamen Node believe that, the physical and mental health of all the staff is the most precious asset during our long journey to create a century-old enterprise. With the humanistic care of the leaders, all the staff will shoulder more responsibilities and have more working enthusiasm. They will put more effort and energy into their work and create more benefit for the development of the company.

Xiamen Node Technology Group Co., LTD

July 27th, 2017

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