Some Thoughts for the Relocation of Xiamen Node

時間: 2016-07-13 14:25:47
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Recently, Xiamen Node relocated its office building. It is a great action in the excellent development of the company and is also a big event inspiring all the staff in Xiamen Node. The new office covers about 1000 square meters. It is spacious and bright and the employees can have great views here. The new office building provides us with better working environment and development space.

The relocation can be seen as the start of the new development of our company. We are responsible for recording all the efforts the colleagues from different departments made to accelerate the relocation and promote the new environment. During the relocation of the office building, colleagues from the business department of system integration made painstaking effort to the construction of the network. Recently, they worked overtime almost every day to make the comprehensive and detailed network system plan. To make sure that everyone could use the office network system smoothly and stably. They tided the fiber pigtails, installed the wireless AP, tested the network at the point of information of each office once and once again. They debugged the network to guarantee all the colleagues' use of Internet after the relocation. Their work is quite admirable. As the arrangement and organization of the company, all departments like administrative department, human resource department, technology department and accounting department moved to the new office building orderly. What's more, colleagues from different departments spent their weekend time cleaning the new office. All these made full preparation for the big relocation. With the assistance of moving company, the relocation work was finally finished successfully. 

The smooth relocation of Xiamen Node relied on the active cooperation and joint effort of all the departments and each employee. It is also a reflection of the cohesion and centripetal force as a significant part of our corporate culture, which is also the charm of Xiamen Node. In the future development of the company, we will have stronger spiritual strength and make more contributions to create a better future for the group company.

Xiamen Node Technology Group Co., LTD

Business Department of Science and Technology Industry

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