Corporate Profile

Since its foundation of the first company in 2001, Xiamen Node group company has been developing for 16 years. For the past 16 years, we have always been adhering to our guiding ideology of "integrity creates our brand, service maintains our brand and innovation promotes our brand". We have been committed to the path of credit-based development and adhering to the principle of people-oriented and customer-centered, considering our customers' needs and solving their concerns. Through the consultancy provided by us, we have made our own contribution to the sustainable development of our client companies. We also take it as our responsibility to balance the interest relationships among the society, the corporate and families, and will share a common fate and mutual development with them.

Through the training and accumulation of more than ten years, Xiamen Node has assembled and developed a senior and professional elite team providing integrated services including consulting, researching and developing, software proving and operating, after-sale servicing and so on. We have deeply ploughed into the manufacturing industry and provided our customers in middle-large size manufacturing and tire industry with first-rate service of high quality, professional skills and efficient operation and maintenance. We believe that abiding by the credit is our fundamental principle and we can only seek steady and sustainable development through adhering to and accumulating the credit. Therefore, we win a good reputation in credit through our painstaking effort in practice. Constantly establishing the brand loyalty and reputation, we will unswervingly create a century old enterprise with sustainable development.

A proverb goes that "we can go as far as our thought leads". With developmental foresight and innovative thinking, all the staff in Xiamen Node pay close attention to the developing trend of the new generation of information technology. Combing the new trend with the own requirements, we have established informatization platform and facilitated the integration of informatization and industrialization, driving our company to a stage of further development and better services. Relying on our teams of high efficiency and stability as well as innovation, Xiamen Node has made outstanding contribution to the integration of informatization and industrialization for our client companies.

Targeting on advancing the comprehensive informatization of our client companies, we will spare no effort to realize the sustainable development of these companies and make our own contribution to the economic prosperity of the society.

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