The Brief Introduction of the Trade Union

The Trade Union of Xiamen Node Science and Technology Group unites the staff to hold high the banner of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, uphold the Party's leadership, adhere to the Party's principles and policies. On the basis of building the ideological morality of spiritual civilization, the Trade Union is always people-oriented, concerned about the health and amateur life of employees.

The Trade Union comprises the Trade Union Committee, the Organization and Publicity Committee, the Female Employees Committee, the Auditing Committee, the Family Affairs Coordination Committee, the Labor Dispute Mediation Committee, the Trade Union Group, etc. The Trade Union vigorously promotes and cultivates the company with "home" as the core of corporate culture, cares for the family life of employees, enhances the ideological cognition of the employee's family to support the development of the employee and be served by the company, so as to boost the healthy development of the company. The Trade Union also organize the employees to carry out various after-work activities, so as to improve their comprehensive quality and professional ability and learn to keep up with the development of the company for a long time.

The Chairman of the Trade Union

The Commissaries in Charge of Organization and Publicity

The Commissary in Charge of Family Affairs Coordination

The Commissary in charge of Female Employees

The Auditing Committee

The Commissary in Charge of Labor Dispute Mediation

The Leader of the Trade Union Group

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